We were presented with a concept to wrap a building in White Horse, Yukon Territory for Scotia Bank for the Hockey Day in Canada. Temperature during that month often fell below -28C. During the installation process, a number of drill bits were shattered because of sub-zero temperatures.

The project consisted of 3 pieces of 100' X 10' top mesh banners and an inverted U-shape mesh banner in the front entrance to create the goal post effect. We designed a system of steel cables and pulleys to achieve this effect.

After the printing & finishing process, we deployed the mesh banners in our Mega Dome for color verification, and panel-to-panel matching for vertical integration. All printed material and hardware were precisely prepared and flown in to catch the tight installation window & deadline.

All the banners were installed exquisitely. The top and bottom front mesh banner for the goal post matched perfectly and our customer was extremely happy with the results.