Pearson Airport Window Wrap

We were approached to undertake the wrapping of the Pearson International Airport - Terminal 1 windows in 2009 by 3M Canada for the 2010 Olympic games. This large supersize elegant window spans about 70'h X 220'w - with approximately 450 panels and 13,500 sq.ft. The challenge was to print at exceptional quality and to ensure color accuracy and consistency from panel to panel to satisfy the advertising agency and the 2010 Canadian Olympic Committee. We were also under a very tight production schedule and deadline. To ensure the graphics worked perfectly the first time it was applied, we deployed the panels in our Mega Dome as we printed them to double check all the necessary parameters. This ensured seamless installation when the installers working on the Sky Cart as they cannot see color variations from panel to panel at such a close distance. Everything worked out smoothly and in the end , our customers were very happy with the results.