Case Studies


Case Study #1

Royal Ontario Museum Dinosaur Exhibit

The exhibition creates a view of the world during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods through the use of scientific fossil evidence. The details are accurately brought to life with more than 100 print panels covering approximately 10,000 square feet with rich colours and a size that lives up to the incredible grandeur of the dinosaur age.

Scotia Bank Building Wrap

Case study #2

Scotia Building Wrap

TIn January 2010 , we were presented with a concept to wrap a building in White Horse, Yukon Territory for Scotia Bank for the Hockey Day in Canada. Due to the cold weather, we cannot use 3M PSA material. Temperature during that month often fell below -28C. A warm day would be -10C.

Microsoft Building Wrap

Case study #3

Microsoft Building Wrap

A last minute call to our order desk to wrap the Marriot Hotel in Las Vegas resulted in 4 large banners printed, finished & installed within 3 weeks. For those curious to know the sizes : the left and right sides were 100’h X 65’w, while the front 2 mesh banners measured 100’h X 95’w each.

Case study #4

Canadian Museum
of Civilization

Beyond Digital Imaging (BDI) was awarded a RFP by the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) in Gatineau, Quebec to replace the existing Forest Mesh banners In Sep 2012The mesh banners are located in the Grand Hall which is approximately 400 feet wide. The 2 mesh banners measure about 270’ long by 28′ tall and are staged one behind another in equal width with a distance of about 4’ apart from front to back.

BDI Dome

Case study #5

BDI Dome

Our Mega Dome, which also doubled as a sports facility, allowed us the capability to house up to 10 vehicles at once and wrap them in parallel. 

Case study #6

CFL Stadium Banner

During the week of the game, despite strong weather conditions, this super-long mesh stood intact and attached afast to the steel structure behind it with absolutely no problems.

Case study #7

Barrie Speedway Banner

The track owner envisioned a re-branding of the track venue using their newly designed logo to help bring out their unique identity.

Case study #8

Pearson Airport Wrap

We were approached to undertake the wrapping of the Pearson International Airport – Terminal 1 windows in 2009 by 3M Canada for the 2010 Olympic games.